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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Self Defense Training

Last week, I took the grade 9 and 10 students to "Rough House", a mixed martial arts studio, for 2 days of self defense training. While there are only 5 girls in the class I thought it would be important for everyone to be able to back up some of our "assertiveness" content with some physical training.

Racquel and Chrysta in action
The leader of the sessions was MMA fighter, Adam DaSilva whose main message was RUN, but if you are stuck you need to protect yourself.  He really did a great job explaining how to get out of difficult holds and to take control.

The first session dealt with grappling and the second session was striking. The students were amazed at how, with the right moves, it was possible to get away. They were very surprised at the quality of the workout that they got during the practice sessions. 

I was very pleased with the sessions. One of the girls joined the gym after the first session. She went to the women's training class all week!

Take a look at the pictures and story on Adam's blog.

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