Paul and Gayle are taking a year from their roles in Picton and Belleville and will be teaching at the Maple Leaf International School in Trinidad. We will use this blog to record some of our edventures!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Hash Baked

You've heard us talk about "Hashing" and we really enjoy it.  Hashes bring something for everyone -- Fast runners, casual joggers, hikers, walkers, even some kids go hashing.  If you just want to go, hang out and drink, that's fine too!

Last Saturday we decided to go on the DDI Hash. DDI is short for Down D' Islands. 

Language Note: North Americans would say "Down To The Islands". However, Trinis tend to drop a word or two as they speak so the "To" is often left out. eg, the students will say to me -- Sir, we going Savannah today?  Ultimately, it is a much more efficient way of speaking! Also, as general rule, "the" is changed to "D'".  This is even the case in formal business names -- There is a roti shop called, "D' Bess Roti". So "Down To The Islands" is "Down D' Islands" or often just "DDI".

DDI refers to a group of small islands off the western coast of Trinidad. Going DDI to weekend at a second home or on a boat is a common pastime. This was our first trip DDI.

As you can see. the hash website said, the boat (not exactly as shown) would be leaving at 8 am SHARP. Our friends picked us up at 7:40, we arrived at 7:50. I will save you the pain.  The boat finally left at 10:10.  Ouch!  Trini-time caught us again. Locals know the routine.

The 10 am boat ride was a loud Soca dance party. I am not 100% certain that everyone on the boat actually went to bed before getting on the boat.  The trip was about an hour and a half.  We arrived to find out that the hash had not yet been set.  So we waited another hour for the "hares" to make the course.

At a little after 1 pm we started our jungle trek through the rain forest.  This island was a leper colony until the 1960's so there were some interesting old buildings, a grave yard and lots of cactus.

As always the run was fun.  I like being part of the lead group. That means you are leading or "Checking" -- trying to find the right trail. It also means that you are at least on the wrong trail for 50% of the time and then you have to catch up! 

After the hash, we swam and Gayle and I hiked a little more.  The boat ride back was an even louder Soca dance party. By this time people had had lots to drink and everyone was having a great time.

Next Hash is Dec. 6. 3:30 pm SHARP.  Don't be late.

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  1. I was standing in the office and happened to look up and who should I see! YOU...on the screen in the gym. It was great to hear and see you. Not a nice thing to do on your us a weather report when we're sitting here at 2 degrees Celsius.
    Miss you
    Betty, PECI


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