Paul and Gayle are taking a year from their roles in Picton and Belleville and will be teaching at the Maple Leaf International School in Trinidad. We will use this blog to record some of our edventures!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

A Little Jaunt to Tobago

Our Trini friends will finally be relieved - we made it to Tobago! We were warned to be careful on the roads -- the windy, narrow mountainous roads that lead to gorgeous beaches are quite the sight.

In planning our trek to Tobago, we decided to take the 2.5 hour ferry so that we would have our car with us. This proved to be a good decision, as it allowed us to explore much of the small sister island of Trinidad.

Tobago is located just north of Trinidad and is somewhat more touristy than Trinidad. We were no longer the only foreigners in a sea of Trinis!

After enduring a late night flight from Toronto, we picked up Abby at the airport in Crown Point. We then headed down the road to Castara, a small seaside town located about 45 minutes (and 20 km) from the airport) where we stayed for 4 days at a "rustic" guest house. Castara was a cool place to call home for a few days, as it came complete with a sandy beach, a historic town mud oven that baked yummy bread, and an ice cream shop. What more could you need?

On day one of our vacation, we donned the running shoes and walked to Englishman's Bay, a 3.5 km walk to a profoundly beautiful bay and beach. Along the way we befriended some goats grazing at the local cemetery, numerous cows along the roadside and some cocricos, one of the national birds of Trinidad and Tobago. We relaxed in the midst of waves, sand and about 15 others at Englishman's Bay.
Englishman's Bay Beach
After a second day of beaching it, we were ready for some action so we jumped in the car with the plan of circling the north end of the island. Well, the road (note - one road only) was so narrow and windy that it took us the good part of a day to drive 20 km. Highlights of our road trip included 3 stops at 3 very different but cool waterfalls.
Abby at Argyle Falls
 During our last full day in Tobago we drove back to Crown Point to go on a glass bottom boat tour out to the Buccoo reef. For $24, we got to see the reef from a glass bottom boat, swim on a coral "sand" bar and snorkel over the reef. For the record, squid are super cool, and elegant in the water.
Store Bay Beach at Crown Point
It was certainly a highlight to explore a new place with Abs for Christmas.  There lots of pictures in the Gallery.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

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